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Backing biofuels

20 February 2024

Mocoh announced the formation of a new biofuels trading company this week.


Mocoh Sustainable Energy Trading (MSET) sees Mocoh partner with established, global low carbon and biofuels traders Clear Sustainable Energy Trading (CSET). The new entity will supply cleaner energy solutions worldwide, contributing to the acceleration of the global energy transition.


“This exciting new development is firmly in line with Mocoh’s strategy to diversify into lower carbon commodities,” says Mocoh CEO Guy Hacking. “We have been pioneering the collection and processing of Africa origin bio feedstocks over the last few years with our Nigeria-based partner company Bioscape, and so this alliance is a natural next step.”


MSET, which is based out of Geneva, brings together Mocoh’s extensive African footprint and strong governance environment built over 25 years of responsible growth, and CSET’s low carbon fuel market experience.


Sebastiaan Phielix CEO of CSET said, "We are thrilled to combine the strengths and reputation of both companies. MSET will provide customers with efficient and competitive access to the global biofuels/feedstocks market.”