Championing energy
in Africa

We supply and trade energy across the continent and beyond, with a growing focus on low-carbon solutions.


NetZero by 2030

By investing in clean fuels and infrastructure.


Transform lives through education

$12m committed to supporting innovative, grassroots education programmes in Africa.

what we do

Progressive energy
solutions for Africa


Create value.
Make a difference.

Business with integrity

It’s not just about the bottom line, we improve livelihoods. We have pledged $12m to the mc2h foundation and are committed to observing six of the UN’s SDGs. Due diligence and compliance are fundamental to our operations.

Local know-how, global reach

Headquartered in Geneva, Mocoh operates out of 16 offices worldwide. Unlike many of our competitors, we employ local teams and work with local business partners. This, combined with a track record of strong financial backing, gives us the agility and expertise of a local specialist with the reach and connectivity of a global operator.

Problem solving and commercial

We have been successfully solving customers’ energy needs with innovative solutions for the last 23 years. Our entrepreneurial approach has seen Mocoh grow from a humble beginning into a respected global operation.

Michael Hacking with some of the Mocoh team

We have always focused our energy on Africa

and on making a difference, in all that we do. At Mocoh, we are improving the supply and distribution systems across the continent, benefiting communities and creating long-term meaningful relationships with partners, colleagues and customers. Together, we are building a company that we are proud of."

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How we work and what we’re up to

Who we are

A resourceful global energy partner

While the focus of our activities is in Africa, our reach spreads far beyond to the Americas, Asia and Europe.