75% flow in and out of Africa

25 years trading across the continent

80% employees in Africa


Serving the energy needs
of today and tomorrow

Today, our core business services producers, refiners and customers around the world. Our experienced local teams and partners and our in-depth understanding of the products we supply and the complexity of the markets in which we operate, combined with strong financial backing, gives us the agility and expertise of a local specialist with the reach and connectivity of a global operator. This knowledge also gives us a distinctive insight into the future needs of our customers as we transition to a greener, more sustainable energy future.

crude and oil distribution

Crude and oil products

Mocoh trades in physical product. Our customers include refineries, traders, state owned oil companies and independent distributors. Sixty percent of the product we trade is sourced internationally; while over 75% of our customers are located on the African continent. Much of our revenue is covered by long-term contracts.

lubricants and base oils trade

Lubricants and base oils

In-line with our plans for growth and diversification, in 2021 we opened an office in the UAE dedicated to trading lubricants and base oils. Our accomplished team has a broad and trusted network of partners and counterparts across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, enabling us to source products with expertise and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to be the preferred supplier to our lubes and base oil-manufacturing partners.

towards a lower carbon horizon

Lower carbon fuel trading and supply

Our vision is to shift to cleaner, lower-carbon products and we are increasingly trading and supplying LPG, LNG, Biofuels and Ethanol, for which we have dedicated teams. We are also developing our capacity to generate, commercialise and trade carbon credits. Our ambition is for lower carbon products to make up 25% of our traded product turnover by 2030.

A resourceful global energy partner

While the focus of our activities is in Africa, our reach spreads far beyond to the Americas, Asia and Europe.