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Building knowledge and network around literacy

26 May 2023

Mocoh’s core social impact partner the mc2h foundation has published its 2022 Annual Activity Report.

“This report is the culmination of an important foundational year for us as we embark on the urgent and important journey of boosting early years literacy in West Africa. It was a year of targeted learning, one where we tried not to draw conclusions, but ask as many questions as possible,” explains foundation CEO Tara Hacking.

In 2022, the foundation welcomed on four new, local implementing partners, undertook valuable research, attended conferences, visited schools, welcomed its first new external board member and much more.

Please read the report to find out more about what it achieved in 2022 and its plans for the year ahead.

Mocoh pledged $12m to mc2h in 2021 to support its mission to boost literacy levels in West Africa. The foundation is key to our ESG strategy and is an important partner in helping us drive lasting social impact and positive change in Africa.
mc2h was founded by Mocoh Chairman Michael Hacking, in 2017.