Business with integrity

Improving livelihoods and benefiting wider society has been a driver for us since the outset. We support grassroots initiatives in Nigeria, Madagascar and Ghana and have also pledged $12m to the mc2h foundation, our charitable partner. We are committed to observing six of the UN SDG’s and our promise to apply ethical and sustainable business practices is outlined in full in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Limiting our environmental impact is a company priority and we are setting out our strategy for transitioning to lower carbon activities and cleaner energy solutions.

Our reputation for integrity and transparency is upheld by a team committed to our company values. Due diligence and compliance are fundamental to our activities and we always work with trusted, fully compliant partners who share our values and principles.

African woman presenting her artwork

Local know-how, global reach

The Mocoh team amasses a wealth of both global and local experience from across the finance, commodities and energy sectors, with an unequivocal knowledge of the African continent.

Unlike many of our competitors, Mocoh’s 15 regional offices are run and operated by experienced, local employees. This grassroots knowledge means we have strong and direct relationships with our customers and local partners, and we have access to reliable, on-the-ground expertise. This, combined with over 20 years experience and knowledge of international markets, suppliers and logistics operators, as well a track record of strong financial backing, gives us the agility and expertise of a local specialist with the reach and connectivity of a global operator.

dynamic contemporary African art

Problem solving and commercial

Since inception, we have concentrated on understanding our clients’ needs and delivering against our promises. The last 20+ years has seen our industry and the economic climate evolve dramatically. At Mocoh we have embraced this change and we have adapted. Dynamic and entrepreneurial, we repeatedly find innovative solutions to meet our client’s changing energy needs, and are always looking for new and progressive opportunities. We have grown from a small team based in London, to a global operation with 15 offices worldwide, serving clients and customers from across the Africa continent and beyond.

A serious global energy partner

While the focus of our activities is in Africa, our reach spreads far beyond to the Americas, Asia and Europe.