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Refuel and recycle

6 May 2022

Did you know that just 9% of global plastic waste is recycled? While in developing countries such as Ghana as little as 5% gets repurposed.

Underdeveloped and under funded public waste collection and disposal services are two of the main reasons for many African nations’ growing plastic problem.

To help tackle the issue and to encourage Ghanaians to dispose of plastic waste responsibly, Engen Ghana has instigated a Plastic Recycling Project in partnership with a leading local recycling company Coliba.

Launched last week with the inauguration of new plastic waste collection facilities at Engen Ghana’s Pokuase service station, the project will see the installation of high-capacity recycling bins at all its sites by the end of the year.

The plastic collection service will be connected to Coliba’s mobile app, which encourages users to scan QR codes on waste bins to redeem incentives such as Engen fuels, lubricants and other consumer goods.

“The Recycling Project will not only help manage plastic waste in our cities, but will also create new jobs and generate income from exported recycled products,” explains Engen Ghana MD Brent Nartey.

“This is just the beginning of our journey to evolve our service stations into green community hubs. Over the next two years, we will install solar panels at all our sites. These will not only power our service stations but also produce surplus energy that we will give back to local communities and supply to electric vehicles.”