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Nurturing Nigeria’s youth

12 May 2022

Mocoh is a proud and long-standing supporter of Kindness is Cool, a community-orientated foundation based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Last year, Kindness is Cool raised an impressive >25,000 USD, which it used to help orphanages, shelters and special schools across Lagos, distributing over 10,000 kg of food and critical supplies, 2,000 books and organising art, pottery and horticulture lessons.

In 2022, the foundation will focus on two local youth-orientated programmes: Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) and Teach For Nigeria.

Nigeria’s largest youth run mental health organisation, MANI champions the fight against mental health-related stigma by helping young people seek care without fear of discrimination. 

Teach For Nigeria is a non-profit organisation that aims to eliminate educational inequity in Nigeria by training and placing future leaders in low-income communities, helping bridge the national shortfall in teachers. 

This year, the charity is also launching a new volunteering programme. The Kindness is Cool Volunteer Initiative will match participants with local volunteering opportunities and organise curated quarterly outreach events, targeting disadvantaged and marginalised communities around Lagos.

Our congratulations to the founders of Kindness is Cool, brothers Mikail and Peter, for their inspirational grassroots charity work and their passion for making kindness cool.

If you would like to support the foundation, follow the link to their Just Giving page . Friends and colleagues in Nigeria that are interested in local volunteering initiatives can register online.