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Kindness is Cool

26 May 2021

Kindness is Cool

In 2016, brothers Mikail Wushishi and Peter Aziza established the Nigerian charity ‘Kindness is Cool’ in memory of their late mother. “Kindness is cool was one of her favourite mantras,” explains Mikail, known as Wush to friends. “It seemed a fitting name for our foundation.”

Every year, at the end of April, the brothers organise a fundraising drive. The money they raise finances local charitable causes and events, which they organise, such as fun days for orphaned children, food and medical supplies for the disabled and homeless; or taking clean water to rural villages in neighbouring African countries.

Last year, Kindness is Cool delivered much needed Covid relief in the form of meals, to over 3,000 families across Lagos. This year they have been raising funds to provide food, books and art classes to 10 orphanages, shelters and special needs schools across Lagos. So far, they have raised over 10m Naira (20,500USD) and they have already begun distributing supplies to their beneficiaries; and they’ve held their first art class - see images below.

Inspired by Mikail and Peter’s enthusiasm and kindness, and because we believe in supporting grassroots initiatives that improve the livelihoods of the communities where we operate, Mocoh is a proud supporter of Kindness is Cool. We would like to congratulate them for transforming their sadness and loss into something so positive and benevolent.

Keep kindness cool.

A pottery lesson at God's Home Women's Shelter hosted by Ablesworth

Food and supply drop off at SOS Children's Village

Children enjoying the enthusiasm of Kindness is Cool

Photo captions: A pottery lesson at God’s Home Women’s Shelter hosted by Ablesworth; food being dropped off at SOS Children's Village; children having fun thanks to Kindness is Cool.