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Engen Ghana, a company we are proud of

1 September 2021

Engen Ghana, a company we are proud of

The Engen Ghana team gathered last month to review performance and discuss the company's five-year strategy going forward. Mocoh CEO Michael Hacking and other members of the Mocoh HQ team joined the meeting.

Delighted to be reunited with his Ghanaian colleagues, Michael addressed the entire team, reiterating Mocoh's commitment to Engen Ghana and the communities the company serves:

"Last night someone asked me a very straightforward question: what drove me to start Mocoh all those years ago? My answer was simple: I wanted to make a difference in all that we do; I wanted to benefit the community in which we operate; I wanted to focus all my energy in Africa and to improve the supply and distribution systems in Africa; and lastly, I wanted to create long term meaningful relationships, partners, colleagues, and customers.

"Together we are going to make this a Ghanaian company that we are all proud of, a company that is growing, developing and serving its communities."

Photo caption: Engen Ghana team with Managing Director Brent Nartey (front row, far left) and Mocoh CEO Michael Hacking (centre).