A responsible approach
for a sustainable future

We acknowledge the social and environmental impact of our business activities. Our Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) policy is structured around four pillars and sets out our commitment to responsible business behaviour.

United to make a difference

Protecting and supporting the Mocoh team is fundamental to maintaining the integrity and success of our business and the services we provide.

Our Code of Conduct, which stipulates the behaviour and standards we expect of our employees, partners and contractors, is key to achieving this. This document, along with over 40 other company policies, dictates the way we conduct business, ensuring that every employee and partner operates in a safe and transparent working environment at all times.


Transparency and trusted partners

Our partners are key to the long-term viability and sustainability of our activities. Creating strong and trusting relationships is one of our core company values.

We only work with suppliers and partners that are fully compliant with local and international laws and regulations, and we conduct full due diligence processes every time we engage a new partner or counterparty.

Our track record of strong financial backing is testament to our transparency and strong governance.


Best for customers and communities

Improving energy supply and distribution across Africa is vital to its economic growth and the prosperity of its people, while education has the power transform lives, creating opportunity and prosperity.

In 2017, the mc2h foundation was established by Mocoh’s CEO with the intention of benefiting communities in Africa. Founded on the belief that education is a basic human right and that it is key to eradicating poverty, mc2h supports grassroots initiatives that improve access to education and promote literacy development.

The foundation has become a key philanthropic partner and in 2021, Mocoh pledged $12m to mc2h, enabling it to fund two long-term initiatives in Nigeria and South Africa and make genuine progress within the respective communities.

A number of Mocoh’s regional offices also support local charitable programmes with a focus on health and education: Kindness is Cool in Nigeria, Lilas School in Madagascar and Smile in Ghana.


Progressive solutions to achieve NetZero

We acknowledge the impact of the fossil fuel industry on our environment and climate, and we are taking action.

We recognise the need to transition to lower carbon products and solutions, and we are reviewing our trading and asset portfolio, looking for opportunities that will enable us to transition to a cleaner energy future.

In 2021, we began a carbon footprint assessment of Mocoh’s business activities with the help of a third-party consultant. Based on this assessment we are developing our strategy for achieving NetZero by 2030.


We strive to balance the best interests of our customers, communities and the planet.