Meeting with the Swiss Ambassador in Ghana

2020-09-29 08:14:37

On September 17th, Mr Enoch Ampomah, Financer Manager of Engen, have met with the Swiss Ambassador in Ghana, Mr Philip Stalder. 

Mr Enoch Ampomah, took advantage to brief the participants of the presence of MOCOH SA and the millions of Dollars invested in Ghana through their affiliates MOCOH Ghana and Engen Ghana. Furthermore, not downplaying the importance of local content, he stressed on two points being the areas where multi-nationals have clearly out performed the local counterparts. First, is the area of Tax and Government revenue generations and the other being compliant to recognized internationally accepted business ethics.

Enoch linked it to the fact that, the government needs to debunk the notion of “foreign businesses are here to take our monies away”. He also inidicated that, though there may be other ways of finding a resolution to this matter, the best is through bilateral relations, since the Swiss Government is one of the most revered by the Presidency. Making it clear, that the government stands to lose so much in terms of revenue only to line pockets of individuals.

Mr Ampomah, also touched on how the UNIPASS has streamlined payment of CEPS, despite the challenges. Hitherto, Customs will barge the OMCs with arbitrary charges by impeding the loading process until payment has been made, stamping their authority without allowing for legitimate explanations.

The meeting was a real success, and the exchange with the ambassador and other participants was fruitful.