Some news from the Lilas School in Madagascar

2020-07-01 15:09:27

Mocoh is delighted to confirm its financial support to the Lilas School in Madagascar has been renewed !

In 2003, Mocoh has financed the building of a primary school referred to as “Lilas”, in Antananarivo Madagascar. This school has 110 students from 3 to 13 years old, split in 50 boys and 60 girls. The school accommodates children from kindergarten to college.

In this very critical period of global pendamic, the school unfortunately had to close to follow the quarantine measures required by the Gorvernment, which had given no help to the Lilas School. 

Our financial supports helps ensuring a decent salary for the teachers, it allows the maintenance of the school and covers some of the general expenses. 

We have been in constant contact with the school over the years and we have watched it grow. This growth has served the community and this school has allowed the children to achieve their full potential.

Mocoh has always wished to contribute in the community where we are present and whilst there is so much that is needed in Africa, we give where we feel that our dollars results in the best outcome for the school.. We feel that the founder of the school and the teachers are totally committed to the welfare of the children. We truly hopes for better days to come in Madagascar!

The Mocoh team 

(pictures taken before the quarantine, during a reading class with the school founder, Paul Max)