Horasis Global Meeting 2019

2019-06-06 15:30:19

As per last year, and for many years now, our CEO Michael Hacking has been attending the Horasis Global Meeting 2019, which was held in Caiscas Portual, 6-9 April 2019.

This year,  Mocoh CEO Michael Hacking and a panel of 5 people has been giving a very inspiring presentation on "Africa's New Axes of Development".

Panel from left to right : 

  1. Armstrong Coulibaly, CEO, Gnima Grup Consulting
  2. Michael Hacking, CEO, Mocoh SA
  3. Alain Tschudin, Executive Director, Good Governance Africa
  4. Denise Cortês-Keyser, Managing Director, Core Investments
  5. Akwasi Opong-Fosu, President, Africa Growth Solutions
  6. Edward Ilechukwu, Under Secretary General, Africa Universities Fund 

You will find the full 2019 edition's report on the below link :