Mocoh's featured artist for 2019

2018-11-21 17:09:55

For another year, Mocoh will be featuring an African artist on our 2019 calendar.

After looking at many young African artists we were very excited by the work of Angèle Etoundi Essamba, a Cameroonese artist.  Given her incredible portfolio of work, it was extremely difficult to choose an image, however the below picture was one of the first to capture our attention, and this will be our calendar image for 2019.


Angele became well known thanks to her extraordinary photographs and her use of photography to bring her message across in a creative way

“Photography is for me a need, the need to express and to communicate. As long as the need will exist, I will create.”  Says Angèle Etoundi Essamba.

Women constitute the main subject of her artistic expression through strong pictures, or specific moments she captures. Her keywords are pride, strength, and awareness.

We at Mocoh, are very proud to feature and promote this very talented artist through our 2019 calendar.

You can see more of Angele’s work on her website: