The beginning of a less wasteful journey

2020-11-30 13:57:48

Every day 22 million kilos of plastic waste flows into our oceans. That is one truckload every minute. 

We all agree that plastic production must decrease. In the meantime, there are mountains of neglected waste and a scarcity of waste management infrastructure to handle it, particularly in developing countries.

A major contributing factor to this environmental crisis is plastic bottles. Which is why MOCOH has decided to join up with the Ocean Bottle, a company that enables collection and recycling of plastic waste at grassroots through the sale of recycled plastic drinking bottles. With the purchase Ocean Bottle’s sustainable water bottles this festive season we will be helping prevent over 11,458Kgs of plastic entering the ocean. 

And that’s not all… as part of our evolving ESR strategy and long-term commitment to curb our global plastic waste crisis, MOCOH will be announcing an exciting new partnership with Plastic Bank in 2021.

Find out more about these partnerships and discover how you too can get involved on our website: