Whether we are working with a state-owned oil company or a small, independent distributor, Mocoh helps its customers find the right solutions to ever changing market conditions.

1 countries

Between 2000 and 2020, Mocoh has been active in over 25 countries

1 million tons

Mocoh co-ordinated the delivery of over 4 million tons of products worldwide in 2020.

$1 billion

Mocoh chartered 130 vessels in 2020, successfully delivering almost $3 billion worth of crude and products

1 Foundation

Supporting art, education and communities across Africa

Excellence in transportation management

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with ship owners and brokers, Mocoh is able to charter all sizes of vessels to move our product efficiently and cost effectively. We also manage overland transport via trucks and pipeline.

Excellence in operations

Mocoh’s experienced Operations team works with leading banks, insurance underwriters, inspectors and shipping agents to ensure we deliver as per our contractual obligations every time.

Finance and risk management

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with banks, we are able to secure bespoke financing for all our trades, unlocking unique commercial opportunities to suit our customers’ needs.

Global energy markets are inherently volatile. We use our experience to manage a wide range of risks on behalf of our clients, allowing them to focus on what they do best.